Thursday, 16 October 2014

My first blog!

Hey guys, I’m Laura and I’m in my second year of BSc Sociology and Psychology.

Initially I was very intimidated by the nature of my course as it is very essay based. However now I’m in my second year I honestly cannot see myself doing anything else! If you’re like me and you’re a bit worried about the intensity of the course, please don’t be! The great thing about this programme is the amazing support network that you have around you. The lecturers are so approachable and helpful with all issues that you have during your time here, even if the problem isn’t necessarily University related. 

The first year of this programmes aims to bring everyone up to the same level, so if you haven’t studied either programme before then this really is not an issue!  In the first year of Sociology we looked at ‘Inequality and Social Change’ and research methods. These courses gave me an insight into what Sociology was really about and made me realise how many different ideologies existed with regards to the realities of society. The first year of Psychology looked at many different aspects including abnormal and social psychology. As well as this, we had a module looking at the different approaches to counselling.

My main advice for any student, would be to get involved in the University in any way possible! Whether this is getting involved in societies, our huge array of sports clubs or an in campus job. This summer I started a job within the Enquiry Unit. During this time I have made the most amazing friends and had the opportunity to develop personal skills as well as increase my knowledge of the University. It also looks great on your C.V!

Please take advantage of the amazing opportunities that you have available to you during your time here! Don’t forget to enjoy term one!