Friday, 28 November 2014

The Reality of Deadlines!

Since my last blog, my second year of Uni has truly started! In the last month I have had three deadlines; two for sociology and one for psychology. I have definitely noticed the increase in the intensity of work and would say that the jump from year one to year two is much bigger than the one from A-level to University! Despite all of this, and the tears I had shed in the library and to my mum, I have managed to get all of deadlines in on time! J

So now I have caught up on my sleep and have got all of the energy drinks out of my system, it is back to work for me. I am lucky as I don’t have January exams; however I have four deadlines due in the first week of January! This is a very strange time of year as all students are counting down the days until the library is open 24/7!! It may sound sad but it is amazing when the library is open all the time and you have deadlines due. But it’s even better now that we can get Starbucks coffee in the library! It really is the small things in life! J

Getting away from the talk of deadlines, everyone seems to be getting into the Christmas spirit! We have our work Christmas party coming up which everyone is excited about as we have a prize for the best reindeer costume. But the best thing about being at a London University at this time of year is that you can be at Winter Wonderland within the hour! If you are not in the festive spirit this will help to fulfil all of your Christmas needs! There’s an ice rink, a massive Ferris wheel, an ice bar, a Bavarian beer house and loads of other things to get into the spirit!

Anyway, I better crack on with my work! Speak soon!!

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